The Best (and Worst) Day to List a Home

The Best (and Worst) Day to List a Home

  • Samina Chowdhury
  • 12/8/22

Potomac, MD, real estate is among the most sought-after in the country. Thanks to its great location, fabulous urban-suburban lifestyle, and gorgeous homes on expansive lots, homes for sale in Potomac are a hot commodity. Although homes in Potomac tend to sell quickly and at high prices, the day you list your home can make a difference in the bottom line. Listing on the best day can mean thousands more in your pocket, while listing on the worst day can leave those thousands on the table. If you're considering listing your home, this article will identify the best time to sell a house in Potomac, MD, and explain the worst days to list your home for sale.

The best days

According to local real estate experts, Fridays are the best time to sell a house. Potential buyers often begin perusing online listings of homes for sale in Potomac, MD, just before the weekend to determine which ones to target for a walk-through. Buyers will often sort listings from newest to oldest, so any homes listed early in the day on Friday will be at the top of the list.

In addition, brokerages and agents will often send out emails with new listings early on Friday mornings. Listings that go live at 12:01 a.m. and before those automatically generated emails get sent are likely to get more eyes on the listing. Research has shown that homes that begin listings on Fridays are more likely to sell within 90 days and have up to 20% better turnout for showings. In addition, the final sales price for Friday listings will close at least 99% of the asking price.

When listing top-tier luxury homes for sale in North Potomac, MD, it is essential to remember the best days to do so. The market for luxury homes moves quickly, and if your home is not on the market when buyers are out shopping, you may lose out on a potential sale. While 12:01 a.m. on Friday is arguably the best time to list a house, Tuesdays come in a close second. Tuesday is an excellent second choice because anxious buyers and those who like to plan ahead start looking forward to the upcoming weekend to line up the homes they’d like to tour. This allows time to work out the details with their agent, who will coordinate showings with the seller's agent and homeowner. The buyers can therefore make better use of limited time on weekends by having everything arranged well in advance.

The best days exception

Research seems to indicate the best time to list a house in Potomac, MD, is on Tuesdays and Fridays. So activating your listing on these days gives your home the best chance of being seen by buyers actively looking for homes for sale. The exception to this "rule" is when a Tuesday or Friday falls on a holiday. With all the busyness, distractions, and activities, holidays are not the best time to begin a new home listing. Buyers are preoccupied with family and festivities and are not thinking about or looking at home listings. If a holiday is on a Tuesday or Friday, it’s best to wait until the first Tuesday or Friday after the holiday to start the listing. Waiting it out and allowing a few extra days before going live will ensure that it garners more attention from potential buyers.

If you begin the listing during a holiday, it may be several days old before buyers are back online. Once buyers resume their home search, they are likely to sort by “most recent” listings, and your listing will not be among the first they see. Instead, your listing (which may be up to a week old) could be buried by an influx of new listings that were added after the holiday. So, it's best to stave off that desire to get your home listed until it’s the optimal time.

The worst days

Choosing the best time to list a house is important when choosing the correct day of the week. You want to list your home when it is likely to be seen by more buyers. Some days of the week are better than others for listing homes for sale.

Avoid listing your home on a Sunday. By the end of the weekend, buyers have spent many hours looking at listings and visiting properties of interest. So on Sunday, they are more likely to be preparing for the workweek and less focused on looking at more listings. Sundays also tend to be days when families spend time together, so the home search takes a backseat to those priorities.

Although the difference in sales price between the best day and the worst day to list is minimal, it can add up to thousands of dollars on multi-million dollar luxury homes. Sunday listings sell for about 98.4% of their asking price. That might not seem too bad, but if you’re selling a million-dollar home, that’s still leaving a good chunk of money on the table.

Resources to help

Homes in Potomac, MD, are highly desirable and typically sell very quickly. If you are preparing to sell your house, Samina Chowdhury at the Keller Williams Lucido Agency is happy to answer your questions. With years of experience in the local area, she is ready to help you make the most of your listing and get the best price for your home. If you would like expert assistance with selling your Potomac, MD, real estate, Samina Chowdhury is ready to assist. She has extensive knowledge of the area and connections to help you find qualified buyers.

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